Monday, August 28, 2006

La Salette: Geocentric Chapel?

In the midst of the covering and veil, where the priests were allowed to enter, was situated the altar of incense, the symbol of the earth placed in the middle of this universe; and from it came the fumes of incense.
(St. Basil, The Mystic Meaning of the Tabernacle, Bk V, Ch VI; Clement of Rome, Stromata, Bk V)

Recently, I attended mass in the chapel at La Salette. While in the chapel, I noted that the the chapel was physically arranged in a way that could be described as representing a geocentric universe. I have no idea if this was intentional or not, but either way it can rightfully be described that way. The basic layout is as follows:

1. The chapel is semi-circular (i.e., representing half the universe);
2. There is a central half-cylinder (containing the Tabernacle)
3. The sanctuary and altar sit on a semi-circular platform
4. Multi-bulb lamps are arranged circumfrentially and radially outward from the tabernacle/altar/sanctuary.

It is a little difficult to see, but the following is a photograph of the chapel:

The lay-out is represented in a view from above, here:

The resemblance between this chapel and a geocentric universe goes beyond just the purposeful circumferential/radial arrangement of light clusters (representing galaxies). Think of the circumferential arrangement as the quantization effect (of galaxy or other redshifts) observed by astronmers today.

...D. Koo and R. Krone, two University of Chicago scientists, did
the same kind of redshift analysis on galaxies. Their results were
identical to Napier’s and Guthrie’s and even made it to the
New York Times
They conclude: “…the clusters of galaxies, each containing
hundreds of millions of stars, seemed to be concentrated in evenly
spaced layers” [i.e., concentric spheres around the Earth]...

Galileo Was Wrong, pg. 180

Think of the radial arrangement as representing the fact that all galaxies appear to be receding from us (the earth) wherever we look.

“…as we see only redshifts whichever direction we look in the sky,
the only way in which this could be consistent with a gravitational
explanation is if the Earth is situated at the center of an inhomogeneous Universe.”
P. C. W. Davies, “Cosmic Heresy?” Nature, 273:336, 1978. As quoted in Galileo Was Wrong.

Think of the presence of this structure as the alignment of the universe with the earth- as has been observed in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CBR):

The large-angle correlations of the cosmic microwave
background exhibit several statistically significant anomalies
compared to the standard inflationary cosmology…The correlation

of the normals with the ecliptic poles
correlation of the CMB with the equinoxes is difficult to
imagine, since the WMAP satellite has no knowledge of the
inclination of the Earth’s spin axis.

Dominik J. Schwarz, Glenn D. Starkman, Dragan Huterer and Craig J. Copi, “Is the Low-l Microwave Background Cosmic?” Physical Review Letters, November 26, 2004, pp. 221301-1 to 4. Excerpted from Galileo Was Wrong.

Galileo Was Wrong contains much more evidence that modern science does "see" us at the center of the universe. They simply choose to ignore this evidence (and as proven in the book, they admit this). Thus, faith- represented by this chapel, is necassary to open ones mind to this possibility.


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