Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Theory of Specific Absolutivity

As I explained in Part II of Geocentrism 101, Einstein's Theory of General Relativity (GR) shows geocentrism to be a possible universe, and in fact makes it impossible to reject geocentrism as impossible. I said:

If it turned out that there actually were a center to the universe, then it is still possible that the GR solution to this center's perspective is valid. All other solutions (i.e., for other centers) would be considered hypothetical ones considering the other centers as candidate centers.

If in fact it turned out that earth was the center of the universe, it is still possible the the General Relativity solution could be correct for this one case (and possibly approximately correct for many others); though it certainly would not be guaranteed. What such a finding would require is a new theory, with an absolute reference frame, specifically the reference frame would be the earth. Interestingly enough, a rational name for this new theory would be Specific Absolutivity. Where Einstein's theory is general, i.e., applicable to any reference frame, geocentric theory is specific, i.e., earth is the center. Where in Einstein's theory any motion can only be considered relative, in geocentric theory all motion is compared to the position of the earth (ultimately)- the absolute reference. Einstein substituted the velocity of light as the absolute reference, allowing the universe to become relative in a mathematical hypothesis.

Einstein went one step beyond Copernicus. Copernicus substituted the sun for the earth. Einstein substituted the velocity of light for the earth. What is coming next?


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