Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Fatima Soliloquy

Based on a Famous Scene from Shakespeare's Hamlet
Mark J. Wyatt

To consecrate or not to: that is the question:
Whether ‘tis wiser to pander to Russia,
And continue a stalemate, nay, a threat increasing,
Or armed with faith and Mary’s assistance,
Oppose the error and convert them? Act not: to concede;
No out; and by concede to say we end
The separation ecumenism desires to repair
The solution of man, ‘tis a consummation
Naively to be wish’d. Act not: to concede;
To concede: perchance to bear fruit: ay, there’s the rub;
In that concession of lies what chaff may be rife
When we have relinquished this consecration,
Must give us pause: An act of faith
That can bear great effect if acted upon;
For who would bear the threats and actions of error,
Those errors of Russia, the atheist’s materialism,
The pangs of rejected offers, the law’s delay,
The Pharisee’s hypocrisy and rejection
Christ’s Church continually abides with love,
When compromise may be enacted
With a simple concession? Why consecrate Russia,
Reversing pacts sweated and wearied for,
But for the prophecy of continued aggrandizement,
The further coneyance of errors from whose seed,
The world will knowingly suffer, these forcing the will
And leading to the revealed belated consecration
Than compromise further and lose yet more souls?
Thus uncertainty makes for hesitation;
And fear of acting in a manner unsound,
Drains the courage needful to act with simple faith,
And occasions granted from heaven,
Slip away like sand, and through delay and refusal,
Abate the favors to be obtained. -- Hail thee, Mary!
Sinless Virgin! Our Mother, in thy prayers,
Remember we sinners and our Vicar.


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