Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dr. Robert Bennett gets Cold Shoulder from Cardinal Schoenborn

Dr. Robert Bennett, co-author of Galileo Was Wrong attended a lecture by his emminence, Cardinal Shoenborn of Vienna, Austria in New York City. Dr. Bennett queried Cardinal Shoenborn about creationist topics during the Q&A after the lecture. His responses were less than expected. Dr. Bennett's reflections follow:

In his [Cardinal Schoenborn] responses to my post-lecture questions, his eminence made clear that :

-- He wanted no support from Catholic creationists like the Kolbe Center.

-- He wanted to build philosophical bridges between science and religion

-- Creationists are no better than materialists in obstructing the search for common ground.

No words, but only a tape of his response could capture the facial expressions and body language that expressed his disgust with a literal Genesis interpretation of six days and a 6,000 year old Earth.

I found it incredible that his eminence would refuse to hear scientific arguments against evolution supported by literal exegesis. Most of my arguments are, in fact, not technical but philosophical – the use of logical fallacies and false premises by Darwinists.

He claims more authority and knowledge in the science domain than I have as a Ph.D. in Physics, by refusing to hear scientific young Earth arguments.
Though having authority and knowledge in religious matters, he rejects key beliefs of the Church – the unanimous Patristic Tradition on creation in 6 days and the litera prima teaching of Popes Leo XIII and Pius XII. Though a scientist, I embrace these cornerstone beliefs without reservation.

I wonder - who is the cardinal here and who is the scientist? What would St. Thomas say is the middle ground of truth between the poles of a contradiction?


Blogger transfinitum said...

Doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

It is irrelevant, however.

The Catholic hierarchy will never publicly allow itself to be seen on the side of (what, after all, is the overwhelmingly vast majority position of every Catholic who has ever lived) "young earth creationism".

At least not until heaven intervenes to restore the Catholic faith and hierarchy.

Until then we are on our own, humanly speaking, but we have tremendous assistance from Our Lord, Our Lady, and all the angels and saints.

After all, sometimes the greatest pleasure is in standing resolutely, calmly, serenely, against the entire world.

How blessed are we to have been called to live in these times.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007  

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