Friday, July 15, 2005


According to this article: Infowars
A London based company (Visor) just happened to be in the London underground performing "bombing" evercises in the exact locations and times that the actual London bombings occured. This is verified by radio interviews with Visor Consultant's employees. Peter Powers of Visor Consultants wrote an e-mail (reproduced in entirety here Canada Freepress), stating there was no conspiracy involved.

Later in the first article it is pointed out that during 9/11 at least 5 or 6 training exercises were occuring on the east coast of the USA, some dealing with aircraft. This is claimed to have put up to 22 blips on NORAD radar screens, masking the actual terrorist hijackings (9/11).
It is alleged that Dick Cheney ultimately took control of the exercises (perhaps to shut them down).

Of course all of this is considered "conspiracy theories", but there appears to be some substance to it, and the coincidences are a little unnerving. Are terrorists aware of and using our training exercises to mask their plots? Are people in the US / British (and other possibly) establishments coordinating with terrorist groups?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably the best expose anywhere on what really transpired on 9-11 -- the planning, the act, and the cover-up can be seen at

James B. Phillips

Sunday, November 14, 2010  

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