Wednesday, July 06, 2005

God and Man: A Sign of Things to Come?

I am on vacation in Guatemala, and have been thinking a lot about things going on in the world. Early this morning, just after midnight, I was watching Deutsche-Welle (a German news program broadcast here in English). They were discussing the 2005 summer in Europe. First they brought up the fact that the 2003 summer was catostrophically hot and dry, leading to 15,000 elderly dying. I was working in southern France much of that summer, and can attest to the heat and dryness. I changed hotels a few times in search of air conditioning that worked.

Deutsche-Welle also reported that Portugal is currently experiencing the worst drought in 300 years. The countries of southern Europe are preparing for a record summer.

They then cut to Spain, where they interviewed a farmer, who was describing the loss of his crops. They cut to a scene of a combine harvesting wheat. It was collecting the grain and kicking out the waste. The dialogue mentioned that it looked normal, but according to the farmer, the harvest was mainly chaff and hay, very little wheat. I could not help but think about Jesus talking about seperating the chaff from the wheat, also talking about the wheat withering and the chaff taking over. The next scene the farmer was standing in a field of another crop (not stated what, but appeared to be a seed crop, possibly for oil). He pulled a whithered and dry plant from the earth and crumbled it in his hands. He said it was ruined. Here I could not help but think of the words of Mary to Maximin in 1846 at La Sallette (La Sallette):

Have you ever seen any spoilt wheat, my children?

We both answered: "Oh no, Madame."

The Holy Virgin turned to Maximin, saying: " But you, my child, you must have seen some once near le "Coin", with your father. The farmer said to your father: "Come and see how my wheat's gone bad!" You went to see. Your father took two or three ears in his hand, rubbed them, and they fell to dust. Then, on your way back, when you were no more than half an hour away from Corps, your father gave you a piece of bread, and said: "Take it, eat it while you can, my son, for I don't know who will be eating anything next year if the wheat is spoiled like that!"

Well, I cannot claim Deutsche-Welle as prophetic, but when combined with the Tsunami (10,000+ dead), a 100 year rain in California, recent earthquakes in California and Nicaraugua, and other recent events, one has to ask, "Is God trying to get our attention?".

In Europe, Pope John Paul II implored the European Union to include at least a mention of Europe's Christian heritage in the upcoming constitution. The response was negative. In the US, our federal constitution makes no mention of God. Many of our state constitutions do at least recognize God (God and State Constitutions).

Clearly man has the responsibility to care for himself and his neighbors, but not without God. Today, we live under the illusion of the "secular state" and "seperation of church and state". Rarely today is God mentioned in public and state events. With abortion and euthanasia (as the most clear examples) becoming state protected activities as a result of state philosophies, it is clear that we need to re-examine, and even reverse these philosophies. Man cannot exist without God. God has destroyed man's attempt to build the tower at Babylon, and will do so again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you people escaped from the 12th century?

Most of us are enjoying the 21st century. We've worked out that you don't need to sacrifice goats or make bizarre utterences at the sky to make sure the sun comes up in the morning.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010  
Blogger antony said...

How can anyone be enjoying the 21st century. Well, there again, i suppose there will be some people who will "prefer" to be in hell. So, Mr anonymous, you carry on but dont say you havent been warned!

Patrick, God bless you, yes the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by infidels, even the hierarchy as Our Lady warned. Our Lady told Sr Lucia that the 3rd secret of Fatima needed to be revealed in 1960 but the Pope refused to do it! That seems to be when all the trouble began too! Finaly, dont let anyone tell you the consecration of Russia has happened, Our Lady said when Russia is consecrated, peace will be given to all mankind. Now, we are most certainly not living in a time of peace are we?!!
(Even the hierarchy like Cardinal Bertone are trying to quash Fatima,constantly going on press to say Fatima is done and dusted and the consecration has happened- what utter nonsense!).
Its time for the truth to prevail. Our Lady of Dolors, Pray for us.

Saturday, November 13, 2010  
Blogger Rodolfo said...

Our pope should be consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but I think he wants to consecrate the peaceā€¦in a Pagan ceremony. Virgin of Fatima prays for us.

Thursday, February 17, 2011  

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