Friday, August 29, 2008

Christians Must Say "NO" to Obama

No Obama

Regardless of what Barack Obama's overall platform is, all Christians must say no to Barack Obama. One cannot compromise with satan, and anyone who openly supports abortion is at minimum compromising with satan. Abortion is satanic ritual sacrifice, nothing short of this.

Many Christians will choose to support Barack Obama. A usual excuse is that the President has no power to change anything on abortion. This is not true, he has limited ability to do much currently, but if the President is a strong supporter of abortion, like Barack Obama, it is guaranteed that abortion will flourish under him.

Effectively, Christians have little power in today's US political world. Obama has a platform more tuned to many Christians overall, but his compromise on abortion makes it impossible for a Christian to choose him. There can be no balancing act on abortion. This is divide and conquer. Christians have no choice but to vote Republican, or in a small sense to waste their vote (by voting for an independent or minor party candidate).

Abortion is today's slavery, and much worse than slavery. Slavery almost destroyed the United States of America in its beginning, and if abortion continues as it is it will destroy the United States in the future.

Christians need to stand up on principle and say, "Sorry Mr. Obama, but I CANNOT support you".

Obama's Compromise

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